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PORTO 2021

European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Congress (EVECC)

The European Society (EVECCS) and College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ECVECC) are inviting presenter proposals for our:

19th European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Congress, that will take place in the fascinating city of Porto, Portugal, from the 3rd to the 5th of June 2021.

The title of the 2021 EVECC congress will be:

“Rising to the challenges in Emergency Medicine”

The Scientific Committee is seeking proposals from ECC specialists and residents, specialists from allied disciplines, advanced practitioners and nurses with a special interest in critical illness.

The congress will focus on challenging and stressful aspects of emergency practice, and topics we plan to discuss include key factors to consider when dealing with life-threatening emergencies and complications, how to avoid common pitfalls, tips for managing clinical conundrums and how to approach controversial aspects of acute care lacking clear evidence-based grounds.

We would also like to invite submissions on non-clinical topics such as how to develop non-technical and leadership skills, how to prepare for the future challenges our specialty will face, and veterinary wellness techniques to improve our own and our team well-being. 

The congress will also include a variety of topics outside the main theme and we welcome submissions on other subjects that would engage with our ECC community.

We are looking for lectures for our refresher, advanced, resident and nursing streams and for laboratories.

  • Refresher stream (30-50 min lectures): Refresher stream lectures are targeted at new graduates or practitioners who have recently focused on Emergency and Critical Care, and may be working in first or second opinion practices.
  • Advanced stream (30-50 min lectures): The target audience is ECC and allied disciplines specialists and residents, interns, and advanced practitioners.   For this stream we are looking for cutting edge and state-of-the-art topics with content predominantly derived from evidence-based literature or personal research expertise. The lectures should provide critical and in-depth review of a topic and promote discussion at a level appropriate for an audience practising at specialist level.
  • Nurse stream (30-50 min lectures): The target is specialised nurses in Emergency and Critical Care which work both in first opinion and referral practices.
  • Resident stream (30 min lectures): The target audience is ECC residents. We are looking for specialists or residents willing to share their expertise in very specific topics, which are inspiring for clinicians in specialist training and relevant for board exam preparation.
  • Laboratories (3-4h): These include dry and wet-labs targeted to all levels

Proposals for innovative sessions such as debates, round tables, joint lectures with cross-over between specialties and interactive lectures are welcome in all streams.

We encourage submitting different proposals as we would usually accept between 3-5 lectures per speaker. Please email your proposals (lecture title, length, level and a brief summary of around 300 words describing content and learning objectives) along with a short biography to programme@evecc-congress.org.

May 15th, 2020: Final submission process for EVECC Congress 2021
by August 16th, 2020: Invitations to present at EVECC Congress sent to speakers

If your proposal is selected, you will be notified by the 16th of August 2020. If you have not heard from us by this date then your proposal will not have been included for 2021, but please rest assured it will remain on our database for future years. 

Please do not hesitate to email us for further clarifications.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next EVECC Congress in Ghent, June 2020! 

João Pedro Pereira de Araújo
Local Organizing Committee Chair

Stefano Cortellini
EVECC Scientific Committee Chair