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Retrospect on last year's congress

17th Annual European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Congress, in Venice, Italy. 

The 17th EVECC congress took place at the beautiful Lido of the spectacular city of Venice from June 21st to 23rd, co-hosted by the Society and the College. This joint venture has been a great success and it was a pleasure to meet so many ECC enthusiasts from all over the world.

This year’s theme was “Straight to the Heart”, and surely we hope we touched the hearts of all our delegates. For the second year this congress was designed as a full 3-days congress with 3 streams (Vet Refresher and Advanced, and Nurse and labs in parallell. Everything felt so familiar that it was hard to realise this was just the second time of this new format! A busy commercial exhibition was a great meeting point which provided great networking opportunities for all our delegates, supporting companies, and sponsors


The EVECC Congress is not only known for his scientific programme, but also for its fantastic atmosphere. Its reputation of being one of the friendliest veterinary congresses with inviting social events has again been confirmed this year, during the Welcome Reception, the Royal Canin Dinner for young vets and nurses, and the Gala Dinner. We really felt a bit like movie stars in this big and incredibly beautiful palace that has been so many years the centre of the famous Venice Film Festival, the oldest film festival in the world!

The congress is also an important occasion for several awards and prices. Thanks to BBraun Vet Care and VECCS, 3 veterinarians were awarded for the scientific work which they presented during the congress: Dr. Lange (Best Oral Presentation), Dr. Langhorn (Best Original Study Poster), Dr. Kelmer (Best Case Report Poster). Dr. Angela Briganti received the Scill EVECC Research Grant. And for the first time a travel grant to visit a specialized ECC facility was awarded to Dr. Ute Klein (vet) and Tiago Abreu (nurse), as part of EVECCS’ objective to support veterinarians and nurses who want to develop their ECC skills.

Thanks to the work of a very motivated team, not in the least the local organizing team headed by Linda Perissinotto, all our dedicated and loyal sponsors, and our amazing speakers, this year’s Congress has been a great success. And thank YOU for coming because without you we would not be such a success and have so much fun. A special thanks also to our non-European colleagues and friends, who did not hesitate to make the long trip to Italy and join to celebrate this event!

We would most heartily like to invite you to our next EVECC congress in Tallinn (June 6th to 8th 2019), with a special focus on gastrointestinal disorders in critical illness. We have “more than a gut feeling” this will become another EVECC Congress highlight.

Looking forward to meeting you there 

Céline Pouzot-Nevoret,                                                    Joris Robben,        
President of EVECCS                                                          President of ECVECC