Nurse/Tech Case Presentation

The European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (EVECCS) and European College for Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ECVECC) invites submission of case reports from Nurses/Techs for case presentation at its 19th Congress in Ghent, Belgium. 


Although the platform is the same as the EVECC abstracts initiative, please follow the below guidelines to apply for consideration for the Nurse/Tech case presentations.

Key dates:
Opening abstract submission: 1st December 2021
Deadline abstract submission: 20th of February 2022 23:59 hrs. GMT +1 
Confirmation of acceptance/rejection: 4th of April 2022
Registration presenting author: Before the 2nd of May 2022

Any Nurse/Tech working in areas related to emergency and critical care are encouraged to submit a case report for oral presentation.

General case report guidelines: 
When submitting a case report for presentation, please remember that ethical concerns will be strongly taken into account. We encourage authors to be particularly attentive and watchful of this point.

Case reports:
These reports should describe the nursing of an interesting or unique case, new or rare disease conditions or new diagnostic or therapeutic modalities related to emergency and critical care. Case reports describing innovative techniques or approaches to nursing clinical conditions and complications are encouraged. The report will usually be of one or more clinical cases. If accepted, authors will be invited to present at EVECC 2022 in Ghent.

Nurse/Tech case report must be submitted by the 20th February 2022 23:59 hrs. GMT to be considered for invitation to present at EVECC 2022. Confirmation of acceptance/rejection will be given to the presenting author after the 4th of April 2022.

Nurses/Techs invited to present their oral presentation will be reimbursed € 100,- off the 2022 EVECC registration fee.

The best oral presentation will be awarded free registration to EVECC 2023, one year of free EVECCS membership and the opportunity to participate in future EVECC congresses.

During the submission process please indicate whether or not you wish to participate in the competition.

Nurse/Tech authors whose case reports are accepted for presentation will have to register for the congress before the 2nd of May 2022. Otherwise, the case report will not be published in the proceedings.

Submission of Nurse/Tech case presentation
This is a new initiative welcoming Nurses/Techs working in areas related to emergency and critical care, who haven’t previously lectured at a formal conference to submit a case report for oral presentation. Through this initiative we hope to welcome new nurses working with ECC patients to the EVECC congress and the possibility of speaking at this European event.

Candidates selected to present will have the opportunity to attend a zoom meeting to help them prepare for their presentation.

You should have NO prior lecturing experience at a national or international event and must NOT have received a previous case report award.

- The case report should be 350 words, not including title, author name and affiliations.
- No tables, figures, footnotes, or bibliography should be included. Tables are only allowed in exceptional circumstances.
- Avoid symbols or special formatting – preferable to write out words rather than use symbols.

Please submit a brief synopsis of the case using the following outline:
Introduction: (including the interesting/unique aspect of the case)
Synopsis: (can follow a standard outline if applicable): Signalment, presenting complaint, triage or initial assessment, vital signs, physical findings, resuscitation, stabilisation and interventions, patient nursing care and recovery. Monitoring, therapeutics, final outcome, discussion. NB: focus on nursing care and interventions. Include nursing key points that you have learned from the case. Include specialised skills and/or monitoring used.
Conclusion: a brief conclusion of the case(s) and a review of the associated nursing care.

The presentation format should be similar to the submitted synopsis. Your presentation is limited to a total of 15 minutes; with 10-12 minutes for the presentation and 3-5 minutes for questions from the audience. Your presentation will be timed to enable all the case reports to be presented in the allotted time and for each presenter to be allowed equal time.

Requirements for reviewing:
Applications to Nurse/Tech case presentations are automatically rejected without further scrutiny if they:

- Are not submitted on-line via the submission platform
- Are received after the closing date
- Exceed 350 words in length (excluding title and author details as above)
- Are not written in scientific English
- Contain tables, graphs or figures
- If you should have any questions, please contact the scientific committee

 This award is generously made possible by: