Meeting Hub

This year, we organize a central meeting hub for those who would like to meet up after the conferences.

“Cafe Piolho” has agreed to welcome us, and will greet you with a Port Wine or cold Beer!


Café Piolho is probably the most famous cafe in Porto. It has been the meeting point for students and teachers, locals and foreigners, friends, lovers and businessmen. Literally everybody knows Piolho. It’s not a big place but it’s always crowded and it’s without a doubt the one that sells more beer then any other café in the whole town. There’s an esplanade from where you can see the Carmo and Carmelitas’ Churches and the Cordoaria gardens. The original name of the caffe was “Café Âncora D’Ouro” (Golden Anchor Café in a literal translation), but now is known by everyone as Piolho  which means “louse”, Calm down.

This caffe was famous for its quality service and quality products. The coffee was quite well known. They would serve around 4500 espressos a day. Why? The owners mother was a pharmacist and she mixed the coffee beans and managed to get the perfect blend. Everybody wanted to have a coffee at Piolho.


The central meeting hub was only made possible by the generous support of our long term silver sponsor:

Do not hesitate, meet up after lectures, prior to dinner, after dinner and join us!


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