ACVECC Consensus Statement


ACVECC Consensus Statement on the Rational Use of Antithrombotics in Veterinary Critical Care.

Specialists in Emergency Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Clinical Pathology with a particular interest in coagulation have come together to develop the first consensus statement on the use of antithrombotics in veterinary medicine. This task force will be evaluating the evidence in 5 different areas relating to this subject and they are:

1) Defining the problem and populations at risk,
2) Defining rational therapeutic use of antithrombotics,
3) Establishing evidence-based treatment protocols,
4) Developing monitoring guidelines and 
5) Instituting discontinuation of antithrombotics.

The first draft of the consensus statement will be presented at EVECC 2018 in Venice. Participants will be invited to question and give comments regarding the draft statement being presented by the domain chairs of the initiative. Following revision of the draft consensus statement, the findings will be presented later in the year at IVECCS 2018 in New Orleans, where further feedback will be considered. This timely and important project is being supported by ACVECC, VECCS and EVECCS. Please join us on this very exciting and important project.


Daniel L. Chan, Robert Goggs, Ben Brainard, Armelle deLaforcade and Marie-Claude Blais