Friday June 4th

Main Congress, Friday June 4th, 2021


Time Lecture Speaker

Breakfast session T.B.C.

 09h00-09h40  Traumatic brain injury Maria Oliveira
 09h45-10h30 Case based approach to trauma Meredith 't Hoen
 10h30-11h15 Morning Break & Poster Visit  



Intravascular fluid replacement and shock resuscitation

Julien Guillaumin
 11h55-12h30 Ins and outs: making sense of fluid balance  Corrin Boyd
 12h35-13h10 Too much of a good thing  Duana McBride
 13h15-14h15 Lunch Break & Poster Visit
 14h15-15h00 A walk in the park: Pondering poisonous plants…  Alice Bennett
 15h05-15h45 Clinical management of the dysnatremic patient  Julien Guillaumin 
 15h45-16h30 Afternoon Break  
 16h30-17h15 Coagulation effects of fluid therapy Corrin Boyd 

Taking the stress out of respiratory distress:
A case based approach to respiratory distress in the ER

Meredith 't Hoen
18h00 EVECCS annual general meeting  


Time Lecture  Speaker
 09h00-09h45 Thrombosis- predicting risk and optimizing therapy Robert Goggs
 09h50-10h30 Damned if you do, damned if you don’t - Thrombolysis Duana McBride
 10h30-11h15 Morning Break & Poster Visit  
 11h15-11h50 DIC  Marco Sampaio 
 11h55-12h30  Complications and mortality after emergency intubation Vicente Herreria-Bustillo
 12h35-13h10 Mechanical ventilation for the cardiac patient Tara Bellis
 13h15-14h15 Lunch Break & Poster Visit
 14h15-15h00 Advanced oxygen delivery method: thinking outside the oxygen cage Céline Pouzot-Nevoret
 15h05h15h45 Novel ventilation modes Robert Goggs
 15h45-16h30 Afternoon Break  


 16h30-17h15 Ventilation in paediatric / neonatal human patients? Nuno Felix
 17h20-18h00  Should POCUS replace thoracic radiographs in
diagnosing pulmonary disease in the emergent patient?
Panel discussion
18h00 EVECCS annual general meeting