Friday June 5th

Main Congress, Friday June 5th, 2020


Time Lecture Speaker

Breakfast session: Clinical case discussions with Diplomates sponsord by Royal Canin

 09h00-09h45  Top tips for trauma    Alex Lynch
 09h50-10h30 Management of head trauma patient  Katja Adamik
 10h30-11h20 Morning Break & Poster Visit  


 11h20-12h10 Management of potassium disorders in the emergency room   Sabrina Hoehne
 12h15-13h00 10 things to consider managing septic peritonitis    Dominic Barfield
 13h00-14h00 Lunch Break & Poster Visit
 14h00-14h45 How to avoid mistakes in ICU   Dominic Barfield
 14h50-15h40 Acute abdomen in the ER: the initial steps    René Dörfelt 
 15h40-16h25 Afternoon Break  
 16h25-17h10 Imaging: G-I disease shall I bring it to theatre or not?  Livia Benigni
 17h15-18h00 Immune mediated haemolytic anaemia: treatment updates    Alex Lynch 
18h00 EVECCS annual general meeting  


Time Lecture  Speaker
 08h00-08h33 Pancreatitis associated acute kidney injury    Alex Lynch
 08h35-10h15 Oral Abstract Session  Chair: Stefano Cortellini
  Comparison of basic life support performance and retention proficiency between online self-instruction and conventional in-person CPR refresher training in veterinary technicians: a controlled randomized study  Gareth Buckley
  Evaluation of the agreement between a lung ultrasound protocol, vet blue, and thoracic computed tomography in dogs and cats  Laura Cole
  High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in acute hypoxemic respiratory failure in 22 dogs requiring oxygen support escalation  Alexa Bersenas
  Echocardiographic variables in anemic canine and feline patients receiving blood transfusions  Rebekah Donaldson 

Utility of blood cultures in dogs: a historical cohort study (2009-2018)

 Heidi Saarenkari
  Comparison of six cross-match test methods for establishing blood transfusion incompatibility in cats  Alexandra Nectoux 


Scil grant winner 2018: abstract presentation  

Endovascular shedding markers in critically ill patients

 Angela Briganti
 10h30-11h20 Morning Break & Poster Visit  
 11h20-12h10 Gastrointestinal bleeding   Michael Willard
 12h15-13h00  RAW food diet and ICU patients: recipe for disaster   Dan Chan 
 13h00-14h00 Lunch Break & Poster Visit
 14h00-14h45 Challenging abdominal imaging cases    Livia Benigni 
 14h50-15h40 Respiratory endoscopy: when is it an emergency?   Michael Willard
 15h44-16h25 Afternoon Break  


 16h25-17h10 An update on hydroxyethyl starch: debate on current use  Katja Adamik
 17h15-18h00  Clinical nutrition in the intensive care unit   Hanna-Liis Lepp 
18h00 EVECCS annual general meeting