Friday June 5th

Main Congress, Friday June 5th, 2020


Time Lecture Speaker

Breakfast session

 09h00-09h45  Trauma scoring     Claire Sharp
 09h50-10h30 Making the best use of your blood products in the emergency room  Tara Bellis
 10h30-11h15 Morning Break & Poster Visit  


 11h15-11h50 Fluid therapy: Where did all my fluid go?   Meredith ´t Hoen
 11h55-12h30 Fluid therapy: Too much of a good thing?   Meredith ´t Hoen
 12h35-13h10 Approach to urinary emergencies  Thomas Greensmith
 13h15-14h15 Lunch Break & Poster Visit
 14h15-15h00 How to interpet acid base disorders  Thomas Greensmith
 15h05-15h45 Uroabdomen    Julien Guillaumin
 15h45-16h30 Afternoon Break  
 16h30-17h15 Clinical management of the dysnatremic patient   Julien Guillaumin

Application of the ACVIM consensus statement on the diagnosis
and treatment of immune mediated hemolytic anemia  

 Claire Sharp 
18h00 EVECCS annual general meeting  


Time Lecture  Speaker
 09h00-09h45 Renal effects of fluid therapy   Corrin Boyd
 09h50-10h30 No flow cat-astrophe: what’s new in blocked cats?   Emily Thomas
 10h30-11h15 Morning Break & Poster Visit  
 11h15-11h50 Tranfusion triggers in anemic patients  Julien Guillaumin
 11h55-12h30  Ureteric obstrucion: diagnosis and medical management  Thierry Francey
 12h35-13h10 Ureteric obstrucion: what are the surgical options   Nausikaa Devriendt
 13h15-14h15 Lunch Break & Poster Visit
 14h15-15h00 AKI: Controversies and novel aspecxts   Thierry Francey
 15h05h15h45 Urinary electrolyte monitoring: a different look on renal physiology   Maxime Cambournac
 15h45-16h30 Afternoon Break  


 16h30-17h15 An update on renal marker   Sylvie Daminet
 17h20-18h00  Extracorproeal therapies: indications and expectations in critical patients  Thierry Francey
18h00 EVECCS annual general meeting