Friday June 7th

Main Congress, Friday June 7th, 2019


Time Lecture Speaker
 09h00-09h45  Top tips for trauma    Alex Lynch
 09h50-10h35 Management of head trauma and intracranial hypertension  Katja Adamik
 10h35-11h15 Morning Break & Poster Visit  


 11h15-12h00 A guide to managing potassium abnormalities in the emergency room   Sabrina Hoehne
 12h05-12h50 10 things to consider managing septic peritonitis    Dominic Barfield
 12h50-14h00 Lunch Break & Poster Visit
 14h00-14h45 How to avoid mistakes in ICU   Dominic Barfield
 14h50-15h45 Acute abdomen in the ER: the initial steps    René Dörfelt 
 15h45-16h15 Afternoon Break  
 16h15-17h00 Imaging: G-I disease shall I bring it to theatre or not?  Livia Benigni
 17h05-17h50 Immune mediated haemolytic anaemia: treatment updates    Alex Lynch 
18h00 EVECCS annual general meeting  


Time Lecture Speaker
 08h00-08h35 Pancreatitis associated acute kidney injury   Alex Lynch
 08h40-10h20 Oral Abstract Session Chair: T.B.C.
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  Abstract 9   
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  Abstract 11   
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Scil grant winner 2018: abstract presentation  
  Title T.B.C.   
 10h35-11h15 Morning Break & Poster Visit  
 10h15-12h00 Gastrointestinal bleeding  Michael Willard
 12h05-12h50  RAW food diet and ICU patients: recipe for disaster  Dan Chan 
 12h50-14h00 Lunch Break & Poster Visit
 14h00-14h45 Challenging abdominal imaging cases   Livia Benigni 
 14h50-15h45 Respiratory endoscopy: when is it an emergency?  Michael Willard
 15h45-16h15 Afternoon Break  


 16h15-17h00 An update on hydroxyethyl starch: debate on current use Katja Adamik & Isabelle Goy-Thollot
 17h05-17h50  Clinical nutrition in the intensive care unit  Hanna-Liis Lepp 
18h00 EVECCS annual general meeting