Nurse Stream

Thursday June 4th, 2020

Time Nurse Stream Speaker
 09h15-09h30 EVECC Congress opening ceremony  
 09h30-10h15 Acute Traumatic Coagulopathy Vs. Disseminated Intravascular
Coagulation (!h)
 Amy Newfield
 10h20-11h00 Establishing flow: vascular access   Elle Haskey
 11h00-11h30 Morning Break  
 11h30-12h15 Seizures!   Amy Newfield
 12h20-13h00 Management of TBI patients  Chloe Fay 
 13h00-14h00 Lunch Break & Poster Visit  
 Time Infection Control Stream Speaker

Urethral obstruction:

 Emily Thomas

The ins and outs of Acute Kidney Injury

 Elle Haskey
 15h30-16h00 Afternoon Break & Poster Visit  
 16h00-16h45 Addison’s Crisis!  Amy Newfield
 16h50-17h35  Diabetic Emergencies  Amy Newfield
18h00 Welcome Reception  


Friday June 5th, 2020

Time Nurse Stream Speaker
 09h00-09h45 Low Flow – provision of oxygen for patients in respiratory distress  Emily Gorman
 09h50-10h30 Nursing the ventilator patient  Elle Haskey
 10h30-11h15 Morning Break  
 11h15-11h45 When the Flow Stops – tracheostomy tube care  Emily Gorman
 11h50-12h20 Utilising ultrasound as a nursing skill   Chloe Fay
 12h25-13h15 High Flow – using high flow oxygen nasal insufflation in the ICU  Emily Gorman


Lunch Break
 14h15-14h45 Understanding the A-a gradient  Chloe Fay
 14h50-15h20 Invasive blood pressure measurement: curve interpretation and troubleshooting   Maarten Makkee
 14h25-15h45 Respiratory Physiotherapy: where are we?   Goncalo Babau
 15h45-16h30 Afternoon Break  
 16h30-17h15 My crash cart   Efrat Kelmer
 17h20-18h00 Cardiac pharmacology: unbreak my heart   Natasha Summerfield
18h00 EVECCS Annuual General Meeting  


Saturday June 6th, 2020

Time Nurse Stream  Speaker
 09h00-09h50 Parenteral nutrition   Tiago Abreu
 09h55-10h45 Disaster lessons learned   Amy Newfield
 10h45-11h30 Morning Break  
 11h30-12h20 Plenary Lecture  Advance Stream 
  Title T.B.C.  T.B.C.
 12h20-13h00 B Braun Abstract & Poster winner award ceremony   

Scil Grant award 2020:


 13h00-14h15 Lunch Break  
 14h15-15h05 Mechanical ventilation and VAP prevention in human medicine   Daniele Collura
 15h10-16h00  Infection Control   Elle Haskey
 16h00-16h45 Afternoon Break  
 16h45-17h35 It's your hospital too, stop the blame: taking responsibility
in your team 
 Amy Newfield
 17h45 EVECC Congress closing ceremony
 20h00  Congress Gala Dinner & Dance Party