Nurse Stream

Thursday June 4th, 2020

Time Nurse Stream Speaker
 09h15-09h30 EVECC Congress opening ceremony  
 09h30-10h15 Refreshing GI physiology: A juicy story  Ingrid Borgmann
 10h20-11h05 Fluid therapy  Meredith 't Hoen
 11h05-11h30 Morning Break  
 11h30-12h15 It's as easy as ABC: nursing the dog with GDV   Emily Thomas
 12h20-13h05 How to interpret blood gas   Lindsey Dodd 
 13h05-14h05 Lunch Break & Poster Visit  
 Time Infection Control Stream Speaker

Managing difficult wounds

 Lindsey Dodd

Personal Hygiene: new challenges with resistant bacteria - B Braun

 Andreas Kuntz
 15h40-16h10 Afternoon Break & Poster Visit  
 16h10-16h55 Vascular access: placement and use with less side effects - B Braun  Andreas Kuntz
 17h00-17h45  How to manage the contagious patient: A demonstration   Ingrid Borgmann 
18h00 Welcome Reception  


Friday June 5th, 2020

Time Nurse Stream Speaker
 09h00-09h55 Decontaminate: approach to toxicological emergencies   Ken Yagi
 10h00-10h30 How to: place and maintain chest drains   Tiago Abreu
 10h30-11h20 Morning Break  
 11h20-11h55 How to: place and manage a tracheostomy tube   Gonçalo Babau
 11h55-12h30 How to: place and maintain central lines  Tiago Abreu
 12h30-13h00 How to: place and maintain abdominal drains  Gonçalo Babau


Lunch Break
 14h00-14h45 Critical Care nursing of the GI patient  Ken Yagi
 14h50-15h40 Whats on the Menu? Nutritional support of the critical patient   Meredith 't Hoen
 15h40-16h25 Afternoon Break  
 16h25-17h10 Why your parvo (and other GI) patients should be fed right away   Ken Yagi
 17h15-18h00 Anaesthesia and analgesia consideration for the GI patient  Emily Thomas
18h00 EVECCS aanual general meeting  


Saturday June 6th, 2020

Time Nurse Stream Speaker
 09h00-09h50 Wellness in your practice and in your life   Lindsey Dodd
 09h55-10h40 Mythbusters: ECC nursing myths and truths   Ken Yagi
 10h40-11h30 Morning Break  
 11h30-12h30 Plenary Lecture Advance Stream 
  Acute abdomen and intra abdominal pressure monitoring   Joel Starkopf
 12h30-13h15 B Braun Abstract & Poster winner award ceremony   

Scil Grant award 2019:
Population pharmacokinetic of Amoxicillin-Clavulanic acid in critically ill dogs

Ludovic Pelligand

 13h15-14h30 Lunch Break  
 14h30-15h15 Evidence-based CPR: The RECOVER guidelines   Ken Yagi
 15h20-16h05  Road traffic accidents: how can we help?    Emily Thomas
 16h05-17h00 Afternoon Break  
 17h00-17h45  Can buster save felix? Autotransfusion vs xenotransfusion   Ken Yagi
 17h45 EVECC Congress closing ceremony
 20h00  Congress Gala Dinner & Dance Party