Resident day

Friday June 5th, 2020

Time Nurse Stream Speaker
 08h00-10h30 Oral abstract presentations  
 08h00-08h15 Abstract 1  
 08h15-08h30 Abstract 2  
 08h35-08h50 Abstract 3  
 08h50-09h05 Abstract 4  
 09h10-09h25 Abstract 5  
 09h25-09h40 Abstract 6  
 09h45-10h00 Abstract 7  
 10h00-10h15 Abstract 8  
 10h15-10h30 Abstract 9  
 10h30-11h15 Morning Break  
 11h15-12h20 Oral abstract presentations  
 11h15-11h30 Abstract 10  
 11h35-11h50 Abstract 11  
 11h50-12h05 Abstract 12  
 12h05-12h20 Scil abstract winner presentation  
 12h25-13h10 Updates from the ACVECC VetCOT Trauma Registry, Is there any space for a European VetCot  Claire Sharp


Lunch Break
 14h15-15h00 Mechanical ventilation in the cardiac patients   Tara Bellis
 15h00-15h45 Anitmicrobial stewardship and resistance  Julie Menard
 15h45-16h30 Afternoon Break  
 16h30-17h15 Title T.B.C.  Marc Raffe
 17h15-18h00 Title T.B.C.  Marc Raffe
18h00 EVECCS Annual General Meeting