Thursday June 21th

Main Congress, Thursday June 21th, 2018


Lecture  Speaker
 09h15-09h30 EVECC Congress opening ceremony  
 09h35-10h20 Physiology of the heart G. Hoareau
 10h25-11h10 CPR: Basic life Support  D. Fletcher
 11h10-11h40 Morning Break
 11h40-12h25 CPR: Advanced life support D. Fletcher
 12h30-13h15 Post-cardiac care D. Fletcher
 13h15-14h15 Lunch Break & Poster Visit  
 14h15-15h00 Management of ventricular arrhytmias  T. DeFrancesco
 15h05-15h50 Management of supraventricular arrhytmias  J. Guillaumin
 15h50-16h20 Afternoon break & Poster Visit  
 16h20-17h05 Management of heart failure patient   G. Hoareau
 17h10-17h55 Cardiogenic shock: how to recognise and deal with a failing heart C. Valtolina
 18h00 Welcome Reception  



Time Lecture Speaker 
09h15-09h30 EVECC Congress opening ceremony  
09h35-10h20 Updates in management of canine heart failure  T. DeFrancesco
10h25-11h10 Loop diuretic resistance in congestive heart failure  A. Vigani
11h10-11h40 Morning Break  
11h40-13h15 Oral Abstract session Chair: 
  Tetanus Seasonaility in dogs D.M. Starybrat
  Comparison of two patient waming systems in ICU patients R. Doerfelt 
  Serum Cholesterol concentration as a marker of severity in dogs envenomated with Vipera palaestinae E. Kelmer 
  Efficacy of manual ventilation techniques during cardiopulmonary resuscitation K. Hopper 
  Establishment of normal reference intervals in dogs using viscoelastic coagulation moniotr (VCM) and validation of the VCM device using thromboelastography (TEG) Y. Buriko 
  Xenotransfusion of canine blood to cats: a review of 37 cases and their outcome  A. Le Gal 
13h15-14h15 Lunch Break & Poster Visit  
14h15-15h00 Occult hypoperfusion … Hocus Pocus or reality in our animals? C. Valtolina
15h05-15h50 Cardiac output monitoring: anything applicable in the future?  A. Vigani
15h50-16h20 Afternoon Break & Poster Visit  
16h20-17h05 Challenging tachyarrhythmias T. DeFrancesco
17h05-17h30 External pacing: practical approach G. Hoareau
17h35-18h00 Dilation tracheostomy D. Fletcher
18h00 Welcome Reception  



Time Lecture Speaker
11h40-11h45 What is heart failure and what can we do about it? C. Atkins 
11h45-12h00 Diagnostics: how, when and why?  D. Dickson, N. Hildebrandt 
12h00-12h10 Current treatments recommendations N. Van Israel, O. Domenech 
12h10-12h35 TEST study: is there something better than furosemide? C. Atkins 
12h35-13h10 Panel discussion: can we learn from Human cardiology?  A. Hagège and six experts 
13h10-13h15 Conclusion C. Atkins