Thursday June 4th

Main Congress, Thursday June 4th, 2020


Lecture  Speaker
 09h15-09h30 EVECC Congress opening ceremony  
 09h30-10h15 Triage  Julien Guillaumin
 10h20-11h00 Beyond the emergency room: Kirby’s Rule of 20   Meredith ´t Hoen
 11h00-11h30 Morning Break
 11h30-12h15 SIRS, sepsis, MODS and septic shock   Julien Guillaumin
 12h20-13h00 Circadian rhythm and management of sleep in critical illness   Corrin Boyd
 13h00-14h00 Lunch Break & Poster Visit  
 14h00-14h45 Glucose Monitoring and Management of the Sick Diabetic Patient    Julien Guillaumin
 14h50-15h30 Hemodynamic monitoring: old and new tricks   Maxime Cambournac
 15h30-16h00 Afternoon break & Poster Visit  
 16h00-16h45 Useful tips on recognition and treatment of CHF in dogs and cats  Anne-Christine Merveille
 16h50-17h35 Coagulation effects of fluid therapy   Corrin Boyd
 18h00 Welcome Reception  



Time Lecture Speaker 
 09h15-09h30 EVECC Congress opening ceremony  
 09h30-10h15 The endothelial glycocalyx: “Vessels look better in coats, even when it’s hot!”    Ivayla Yozova
 10h20-11h00 Reperfusion injury: why danger lurks when flow is restored   Emily Thomas
 11h00-11h30 Morning Break  
 11h30-12h15  The “business end” of capillaries and cellular energy production – Assessment of microcirculation, tissue perfusion and oxygen consumption   Ivayla Yozova
 12h20-13h00 Novel transfusion methods   Claire Sharp
 13h00-14h00 Lunch Break & Poster Visit  
 14h00-14h45 How to interpret systolic dysfunction in the emergency room?   Anne-Christine Merveille
 14h50-15h30 Consensus on the Rational Use of Antithrombotics in Veterinary Critical Care; Case-based application   Claire Sharp
15h30-16h00 Afternoon Break & Poster Visit  
16h00-16h45 Antifibrinolytics: What is the current evidence?   Meredith ´t Hoen
16h50-17h35 Vascular volume physiology: stressed or unstressed?   Maxime Cambournac
18h00 Welcome Reception