Thursday June 4th

Main Congress, Thursday June 4th, 2020


Lecture  Speaker
 09h15-09h30 EVECC Congress opening ceremony  
 09h30-10h15 Enteral nutrition:  time to get it right  Dominic Barfield
 10h20-11h05 Parenteral nutrition  Katja Adamik
 11h05-11h30 Morning Break
 11h30-12h15 General management of the intoxicated patient- what is the evidence    René Dörfelt
 12h20-13h05 Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug toxicity   Alex Lynch
 13h05-14h05 Lunch Break & Poster Visit  
 14h05-14h50 Gastrointestinal endoscopy    Michael Willard
 14h55-15h40 Analgesia and abdominal pain   René Dörfelt
 15h40-16h10 Afternoon break & Poster Visit  
 16h10-16h55 Hepatic encephalopathy   Alex Lynch
 17h00-17h45 Critical Illness - related corticosteroid insufficiency: what you need to know  Linda Martin
 17h45 Welcome Reception  



Time Lecture Speaker 
 09h15-09h30 EVECC Congress opening ceremony  
 09h30-10h15 Protein losing enteropathies: acute presentation of a chronic problem   Silke Salavati
 10h20-11h05 Haemorrhagic diarrhoea syndrome where are we now?   Dominic Barfield
 11h05-11h30 Morning Break  
 11h30-13h05 Oral Abstract session  Chair: Stefano Cortellini
  Incidence of Z, I and B lines detected with point of care ultrasound in healthy shelter dogs  Ângela Martins
  Retrospective evaluation of the incidence of acute kidney injury in dogs undergoing surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass: 64 dogs (2005-2018)  Daria Starybrat
  Salivary cortisol concentrations after alfaxalone or propofol administration in healthy cats  Ivayla Danielova Yozova 
  Plasma concentrations of intestinal fatty acid binding protein, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide, c-reactive protein and interleukin-6 in vomiting dogs with and without foreign body induced gastrointestinal obstruction  Christopher Parrat
  Adrenal activity and thyroid axis in survivors and non-survivors in dogs involved in road traffic accidents: a cohort study in 420 dogs  Paola Rocchi
  A novel point of care viscoelastic coagulometer detects hyperfibrinolysis in healthy greyhound dogs  Karl Jandrey 
 13h05-14h05 Lunch Break & Poster Visit  
 14h05-14h50 Enteral feeding: should we worry about gastric residual volumes?   Dan Chan
 14h55-15h40 Where did immununutrition go?  Dan Chan
15h40-16h10 Afternoon Break & Poster Visit  
16h10-16h55 Refeeding syndrome: Phantom menace?    Dan Chan
17h00-17h45 Probiotics in ICU/IBD  Silke Salavati
17h45 Welcome Reception