Abstract award winners 2022

Just like in previouse years, we are proud to present to you the, EVECC 2022 congress, abstract award winners:

Best Original study

Evaluation of B-lines with two point-of-care lung ultrasound protocols in cats with radiographically normal lungs

Presenting author: Manon Rigot
Co-authors: Jo-Annie Letendre, Soren Boysen, Isabelle Masseau
Ontario Veterinary College, Department of Clinical Studies, Guelph, Canada

Best Intern / Resident Original Study

Effect of blindfolding lead resuscitators on closed-loop communication (CLC) in veterinary cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training

Presenting author: Olivia Walesby
Co-authors: Giacomo Stanzani, Lindsay Kellett-Gregory, Mayank Seth, Emily Thomas
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Case Report

Resolution of chylopericardium after balloon dilation of tricuspid valve stenosis in a Labrador retriever

Presenting author: Niels Groesser
Co-authors: Niek Beijerink
AniCura Specialistisch Verwijscentrum Haaglanden, Rijswijk, the Netherlands

Best Nurse / Tech Case Presentation

Nursing of a dog with leptospirosis, a zoonotic disease

Presenting author: Claire Ravachol
Co-authors: Alexandra Nactoux, Céline Pouzot-Nevoret, Mark Kim, Jean-Yves Ayoub
VetAgro Sup - SIAMU, Marcy L'Etoile, France


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