Public Transport

Porto Metro

Porto's Metro has 6 lines and 81 stations, but if you're planning to use it as a means of transport, take into account that it doesn't make it to most of the tourist attractions in the city.

Line A (Blue): Estádio do Dragão - Senhor de Matosinhos.
Line B (Red): Estádio do Dragão - Póvoa de Varzim.
Line C (Green): Estádio do Dragão - ISMAI.
Line E (Purple): Estádio do Dragão – Airport.
Line F (Orange): Fânzeres - Senhora da Hora.
Out of all the stops, the most important is Trinidade. It is where all the lines meet, including the yellow line.

Trams in Porto

With the passage of time, trams in Porto have become a popular tourist attraction more than a means of transport, especially with the arrival of the underground system, buses and regional trains.

Currently, only about a dozen vintage trams run down the three remaining tram lines in Porto. A great way of discovering this delightful city, is to take a heritage streetcar down Porto’s cobbled streets in the city centre, or as the Portuguese call them: “carros eléctricos”.

If you want to explore the city on this charming means of transportation, you can take either of these three lines:

Line 1: Infante-Passeio Alegre. It runs from 9:30am – 6pm.
Line 18: Massarelos-Carmo. It runs from 9:15am – 7pm.
Line 22: Carmo-Guindais Batalha. It runs from 10am – 7pm.

Local buses in Porto

Although the local buses in Porto are sometimes the only means of transport to get to certain destinations, in our opinion they make for the least appealing public transport in the city.
The bus drivers seem to be driving in a rally, turning what seem like impossible curves while they race up steep and narrow cobbled streets, so passengers must hold on for dear life.

Taxis in Porto

Taxis in Porto are relatively cheap and are a good alternative if you get around the city at night or for longer journeys.
ll the taxis in Porto are beige or black and have a green coloured roof. Before getting into a taxi, always make sure they have a taximeter and that they switch it on when it starts driving.