B. Braun Vet Care GmbH represents the B. Braun Group inter-divisional in the international veterinary market.

The main focus products are IV-Solutions, IV giving sets, syringes and needles, catheters, a whole range of medical disposables, sutures, surgical instruments, osteosynthesis, Aesculap power systems, disinfection & hygienic products.


The Animal Blood bank provides quality blood components, as a treatment aid in clinical practice, following inhouse good practice and strict quality criteria guided by specialized human medicine protocols.

Our mission is to provide a significant platform connecting donor animals and critical patients in veterinary clinics and hospitals who require blood transfusions.

The Animal Blood Bank is a specialized organization that aims to help cats and dogs who have a critical illness and for whom a blood transfusion can be life saver. Our gool is to help as many animals as possible, ensuring none of them dies due to difficult access to blood transfusions or lack of reliable sources of blood componentes. BSA has haemocomponent safety and donors welfare high standards.

Vets Now is the UK’s leading provider of emergency veterinary care. As part of the IVC Evidensia Group, with clinics and hospitals operating in 20 countries, we now offer ECC career opportunities across the globe, no matter what stage you are in your career. Our commitment to continuous innovation,  investment in career development and supporting the wellbeing of our people ensures we continue to stay at the cutting edge of an ever-changing profession.