Call for proposals 2025



Dubrovnik 2025

European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Congress (EVECC)

The European Society of Emergency and Critical Care (EVECCS) and College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ECVECC) are inviting presenter proposals for our: annual European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Congress, that will take place in the stunning city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, from the  5-7 June 2025.

The program will explore a wide range of emergency and critical care clinical issues, covered with different formats and at a variety of levels, allowing us to engage with all participants, from students to specialist clinicians and nurses. The program will also include non-clinical topics, such as non-technical and leadership skills, management, and team well-being.

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses who are interested in becoming EVECC presenters are invited to submit proposals for the following categories and target audiences:

Basic stream: for general practitioners, new graduates or clinicians who have recently focused on Emergency and Critical Care (ECC);
Specialist stream: for specialists and residents in ECC and allied disciplines, interns and advanced practitioners. The lectures should provide critical and in-depth review of a topic with content predominantly derived from evidence-based literature/research/advanced clinical practice expertise. It should promote discussion at a level appropriate for an audience practising at a specialist level;
Nurse & Tech stream: targeting nurses dedicated to, or having a special interest in ECC;
Resident stream: for candidates undergoing specialist training in ECC. Lectures should address specific topics which are relevant for board exam preparation;
Non-clinical stream: including dry and wet-labs; targeted at all levels.

Proposals for innovative sessions such as debates, round tables, joint multi-disciplinary lectures and interactive lecturesare encouraged in all streams.

General guidelines for all proposal:
No tables, figures, footnotes or bibliography should be included.
Avoid symbols or special formatting – preferable to write out words rather than use symbols.
Please note that the maximum word count for proposals is 350 words.

We encourage submission of multiple proposals as we can usually accept between 3-5 lectures per speaker. In order to streamline the process for proposals, the decision has been made to only accept proposals that are submitted via the Lecture Proposal Module.

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May 19th, 2024: Final proposal submission date for EVECC Congress 2025
by August 6th, 2024: Invitations to present at EVECC Congress sent to speakers

If your proposal is selected, you will be notified by the 6th August 2024. If you have not heard from us by this date then your proposal will not have been included for 2025, but please rest assured it will remain on our database for future years.

Please do not hesitate to email us for further clarification if needed.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next EVECC Congress!

Petra Dmitrović
Local Organizing Committee

Giacomo Stanzani
EVECC Scientific Committee Chair