Alvedia is a company specialized in the veterinary diagnostics field with their most advanced and innovative immunochromatographic technology for Blood Typing. With a committed quality control department that tests and validates all products before supplying to more than 70 worldwide distributors, Alvedia aims to manufacture products of the highest standard from France. Alvedia is also providing a NEW Gel Test technology known as the Gold standard in the human field. The Gel Test technology will allow the vets to Crossmatch without any washing step procedure with a very high sensitivity. The Gel technology will allow you to perform a fast and reliable Direct Antiglobulin Test (Or Coombs Test) without washing the red blood cells. 

Alvedia is also very involved in supporting numerous research projects that could have significant benefits in the veterinary transfusion field.


MiNightVet is a leading provider of Out Of Hours care in the UK; offering out of hours provision to a wide range of veterinary practices.

With 33 dedicated out of clinics dotted across the UK and Ireland, MiNightVet teams provide emergency care to around 120,000cases per year.

Alongside offering the best clinical outcomes to the cases that we see, our clinics pride themselves on delivering excellent client care and on working with our member practices to ensure great case continuity.

MiNightVet clinics offer vets and nurses the opportunity to fall in love with their careers again by being the very best that they can be.

More information about our clinics and career opportunities can be found on our website:

Nova manufactures point of care meters for glucose, ketone, creatinine, lactate, hemoglobin and hematocrit testing, and the Stat Profile Prime Plus® VET blood gas/critical care analyzer that provides a comprehensive menu of blood gases, electrolytes, chemistry, and hematology for veterinary emergency or critical care testing. Prime Plus VET measures pH, PCO2, PO2, Na, K, Cl, iCa, iMg, Glu, Lac, BUN, Creatinine, Hct, Hb, SO2%, and Co-oximetry, and features ZERØ Maintenance cartridge technology, simple operation, results in about a minute, and low-cost testing. Prime Plus VET provides improved practice profitability through in-house diagnostics.  


VECCS was founded in 1974 to promote the advancement of knowledge and high standards of practice in veterinary emergency medicine and critical patient care. To fulfill this purpose, we host a membership community, medical journal, monthly webinars, facility certification, wellness initiatives, a charitable arm and two annual educational conferences that offer progressive, innovative, and comprehensive CE to members and non-members alike.

Woodley Equipment Company is a market leading supplier of specialist laboratory equipment, diagnostic and critical care products to the veterinary industry worldwide.

Woodley are committed to helping veterinary practices and laboratories provide the very best patient care by supplying and supporting the latest laboratory diagnostic products, supported by a focussed Customer Service and Warehouse team.

Woodley also supplies worldwide veterinary distributors with laboratory diagnostic products including the InSight Veterinary Lab System (haematology, chemistry and immunoassay), coagulation, critical care, blood gas/electrolyte analysers and handheld meters

Woodley maintain their position by a team of 14 Biomedical Scientists committed to Product Development and Technical Support.

Passionate About Laboratory Diagnostics.