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E6 / E20 (from north) and road 45 (from Karlstad): On arrival at Gothenburg, turn off at the sign “Mässan Scandinavium Liseberg”. Take the first exit on the left, turn right onto Örgrytevägen and then take the next exit right towards Svenska Mässan.

E6 / E20 (from south) and road 40 (from Borås): On arrival at Gothenburg, turn off at the sign “Mässan Scandinavium Liseberg”. Then take the second exit right towards the hotel.

Traffic information and parking

For updated information on events, road works, and other factors that may affect traffic and travel routes, please visit (information in Swedish) or Google Maps.

Gothenburg offers plenty of parking options, including parking garages and street parking. Read more and find parking on or in the app Parkering Göteborg (available for iPhone and Android).

Charging electric vehicles in Gothenburg

Gothenburg’s parking facilities provide many visitors parking spaces where you can charge your electric vehicle. The easiest way to find charging stations is through the Parkering Göteborg app (available for iPhone and Android). In the app, charging-enabled parking spots are marked with a green power plug icon on the map. To charge your vehicle, select “I want to charge” in the parking card section of the app, where you pay for both parking and charging.

In addition to Parkering Göteborg’s chargers, several other providers have installed public charging stations. You can view all registered public charging stations in Gothenburg on the Göteborg Energi charging map service. Hotels that offer charging facilities for their guests provide information about this on their websites.

Congestion tax

Central Gothenburg applies a congestion tax for all cars on weekdays, and the fee is automatically debited by the Swedish Transport Agency. Please visit for information on amounts, operating hours, and payment stations in Gothenburg.

Good things to know when driving in Sweden

  • Swedish roads are toll free (except congestion charge in Gothenburg and Stockholm).
  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • The speed limit is shown in kilometres per hour.
  • Speed signs: They are round and yellow with a red outline.
  • Speed limits: city areas is 50 km/h, open country roads is 90 km/h, and highways is 110 km/h.
  • Seat belts: The driver and any passengers in the front and back seats must use seat belts at all times when in motion.
  • Children and car seats: Children under 3 years of age or under 4 feet, 5 inches (1.25 meters) tall must ride in an appropriately-fitted car seat.
  • Head lights should be used at all times.
  • Avoid alcohol completely if you’re driving – Sweden has strict laws against drunk-driving.
  • When driving in the countryside, be careful at dusk and dawn not to hit elks, deer and other game sometimes crossing the road.
  • In case of emergency: You can reach the police, local fire department, and an ambulance by calling 112 nationwide in Sweden. Remain at the scene of the accident until you have given the emergency response team all the information they ask for.

Checklist for Driving in Sweden

  • Driver's license (required)
  • Passport (required)
  • Insurance certificate (required)
  • Proof of registration (required)
  • Warning triangle (required)

Swedish road signs and phrases

  • Entrance: Infart
  • Exit: Utfart
  • Highway exit: Avfart
  • Highway entrance: Påfart
  • Speed: Fart
  • Reduce speed: Sänk farten
  • Speed bumps: Farthinder
  • Mind the speed limits: Tänk på hastigheten
  • Road construction area: Vägarbetsområde
  • End of wild animal fence: Viltstängsel upphör
  • Unpaved road: Grusväg
  • Private road: Enskild väg / Privat väg
  • No thoroughfare: Ej genomfart
  • Road closed: Vägen avstängd
  • Closed: Stängd / Stängt