Keynote Speaker

Karin Löwhagen, MD, PhD

Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Mölndal 
Head of Dept of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Löwhagen began her career with specialist training at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and in 2010 she defended her dissertation at Sahlgrenska Academy with a clinical thesis on mechanical ventilation with a focus on lung recruitment manoeuvres and optimal PEEP on patients with lung failure in ICU and on patients with morbid obesity who underwent surgery.

She has been a specialist doctor since 2006, and worked at Sahlgrenska, mostly in the ICU, where she was the medically responsible doctor in the Postoperative Intensive Care Unit and attended SSAI's continuing education program in intensive care.

After completing the VGR's manager candidate program, she worked as section manager SU/Mölndal 2017-April 2021. Since then, she is the operations manager SU/Mölndal and sits on the board of the Swedish Intensive Care Register (SIR).