Travelling in Gothenburg

By foot, bike or electric scooter
Almost everything is found withing walking distance. Explore the city by foot or rent a bike or electric scooter.  

The bike rental system Styr & Ställ makes it easy to rent a bike in Gothenburg. With the app Voi, you can locate and rent electric scooters in the city. The starting fee is 10 SEK and after that it costs you 3 SEK per minute. When you’ve located a scooter, you scan the QR code to unlock it and then you kickstart it to activate the throttle. Remember to ride in bike lanes or close to the side curb and always wear a helmet.

© Peter Kvarnström - Göteborg & Co
© Beatrice Törnos - Göteborg & Co
© Peter Kvarnström - Göteborg & Co

Public transport
All tickets and travelling cards can be purchased at any of the public transport operator Västtrafik’s sales outlets, or in the app To Go

A single ticket is available from 30 SEK and can be purchased at any of the Västtrafik sales outlet or on board most times. If you do want to buy your ticket on board the following applies:
– On the trams: Buy your ticket on board from the ticket machine, only card payment available.
– On the city buses: You can’t buy tickets on board. In other words, please pre-purchase your ticket.
– On the southern archipelago boats (boats from the stop Saltholmen and Stenpiren): Pay in cash or by card to the staff on board.
– On the river boats: Pay the staff on board. They only accept cards, not cash.

If you want to get around Gothenburg in a taxi, there are several options available to you. Either call and book your taxi, hail one on the street or grab one from one of the designated taxi stops around the city. Approved taxis always carry yellow number plates.