Dear Participants, Colleagues and Friends,

Down below you may find the interactive proceeding book (button). This has been done in order to make the usage of the proceeding book easier during and after the congress. All participants that will joun us in Ghent also receive a USB flash drive with the proceedings on it.  

The book is divided in different colours per day:

Wednesday 1 June - VECCUS
Thursday 2 June - EVECC congress
Friday 3 June - EVECC congress
Saturday 4 June - EVECC congress

Each day has his own programme index, divided per stream. By clicking on the arrow in front of the title, you will jump to the correct page of the proceeding in the PDF document. 

As always we would like to thank all of our sponsors, exhibitors and partners for their tremendous support in organizing the congress in Ghent . Please take a look at their booth in the exhibition and to the adverts and show them your support by reading their messages

We hope you enjoy the congress, but also hope you will find some time to read all of the proceedings in a later stage.