Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound Symposium

This symposium on veterinary POCUS (Point Of Care UltraSound). was created by a group of like-minded colleagues from around the world who share a passion and collaborative desire for the promotion, education, and training of veterinary point of care ultrasound. Our goal is to bring together clinicians, technicians, and students from all specialties and styles of veterinary practice who share a common passion for the use of point of care ultrasound. Our mission is to promote the safe and effective use of veterinary POCUS and increase its use in all practice settings, by all levels of users, and improve training programs and standards of care in the application of veterinary POCUS. We support further research exploring and validating the application of clinical veterinary POCUS by specialists and non-specialists alike as a safe evidence-based practice, and support the development of innovative ultrasound techniques and education methods to improve veterinary patient care. We hope to encourage and support veterinarians and related health care professionals to integrate and utilize veterinary POCUS with success and confidence.  We proudly encourage novices, faculty, and students who have a desire to increase their ultrasound confidence to ask questions, challenge and hopefully embrace veterinary POCUS.  We are hoping to be able to sponsor veterinary POCUS research projects and workshops in the future.

Aims of the symposium:

  • Veterinary Point Of Care UltraSound is rapidly changing our clinical approach to ECC-patients in a multitude of scenarios. Veterinary POCUS is rapidly becoming a part of many veterinary teaching institutes and students are now graduating with the skills necessary to apply veterinary POCUS the day they graduate. Our symposium aims to become the global leading force to ensure the continued research into this field, as well as the continuous development of new training methods and applications in veterinary POCUS.
  • Our symposium is the first of its kind in Europe and plans to become an annual event, specifically dedicated to veterinary POCUS. Given our mission statement is to develop research, training and application of veterinary POCUS, we aim to become the leading source of information and innovation in this area.
  • The association with the EVECC congress, which attracts over 500 delegates annually, ensures a large exposure for your company.
  • Our scientific program will offer prominent international pioneers in this new field of veterinary medicine, who will share their extensive clinical experience and research.
  • We aim to integrate short communications and abstracts to allow communication of the latest scientific achievements and discoveries.

We are looking forward to working with you and welcoming you to Ghent in 2020!

With best regards,


Kris Gommeren                                                                 

On behalf of the organizing committee