Preliminary VECCUS Symposium, Wednesday June 3rd, 2020

Lecture  Speaker
 09h00-09h05 Welcome & Opening  Kris Gommeren
 09h05-09h30 From FAST to VetBlue to FAST-ABCDE – more than just protocols in veterinary medicine  Andrea Armenise
 09h30-09h55 Beyond B lines: subpleural consolidations  Laura Cole
 09h55-10h15 Abnormal curtain signs for pneumothorax  Søren Boysen
 10h15-10h40 Focused veterinary echocardiography, fact or fiction?  Anne-Christine Merveille
 10h40-11h00 Morning Break  
 11h00-11h25 Are advanced heart scans useful in emergency settings?  Anne-Christine Merveille
 11h25-12h25 Oral abstracts session  
 12h25-12h50 Cardiovascular point-of-care ultrasonography, a novel tool for ECC?  Maxime Cambournac
 12h50-13h30 Lunch Break  
 13h30-14h45 Live session with sponsors  
 14h45-16h30 Expert lecture   Daniel Lichtenstein
 16h30-16h50 Afternoon break  
 16h50-17h15 Ultrasound guided fluid therapy, a new approach  Søren Boysen
 17h15-17h40 Ultrasound guided diagnosis of ureteral obstruction  Laura Cole
 17h40-18h05 Ultrasound guided catheter placement and sampling  Bert-Jan Reezigt
 18h05 Closing ceremony