Dear Friends, Colleagues and Participants,

Please find below the proceedingsbook for the EVECC 2023 congress. By clicking the image, a new page will open where you can download the PDF-file. 

As most of you may know this is an interactive PDF-file which allows you to move back and forward via the signs on the right had side of the book. 

By clicking the correct day, you will jump to the index with the streams and lectures taking place on that day. By clicking on the arrow in front of the title, you will jump over to the lecture summary. By clicking back on the correct day, you will jump back to the index of that day, so you can select a different proceeding.

All abstracts (Oral and Poster) are acceisble via the red button. For the posters, the index requests you to make a furhter selection between original sudies and case reports.

The left and right button in blue allow you to move one summary furhter or backwards for people visiting multiple lectures in the same stream.  

Last but not least, the white button will guide you to our partner information. Keep in mind that organizing a congress is impossible without their valuable support, so we hope you will also take some time to visit their info, look at their adverts and visit their booths inside the exhibition.

We look forward on welcoming you in Porto!


Céline Pouzot-Nevoret        João Pereira de Araujo
Chair of the COC                      Chair of the LOC