Nathalie Hack

Nathalie came from her native country Belgium to the UK in 1996, determined to become a Veterinary Nurse, she got qualified in 1999.

In the last 26 years, her clinical work ranged from quiet first opinion practices to very busy referral hospitals, working as a theatre nurse, ECC nurse, deputy head nurse, head nurse and principal nurse manager! The emergency clinical work taught her to stay calm and level headed in extreme stressful situations. Besides that a good sense of humour certainly helps!

She never stopped studying and went on to gain the diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Surgical) and the Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care. She was a lecturer in Veterinary Nursing at Islington College in London and at the College of Animal Welfare. She loves teaching veterinary nurses and it is very rewarding to see when they reach that ‘lightbulb’ moment!

Her biggest passion has always been cats! They are such magical and mysterious creatures and she is very proud to be owned by 3 of them! Since she wanted to know even more about them, she decided to specialise in Feline Nursing. Gaining the ISFM diploma in Feline Nursing and the ISFM Certificate in Advanced Feline Behaviour. She currently works as an emergency veterinary nurse for Vets Now and as a tutor for the Vets Now’s Cert VN ECC.

Beside her job, she also has two kids, two budgies, two tortoises and a husband! Other passions are yoga, travelling, a positive attitude to life, meeting new people and exploring new cultures.