Leo Silvén Husu

Leo received his medical degree from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm in 2013. Today Leo is a consultant in Internal Medicine and is lead consultant for Medical Ward 3 at Skånes University Hospital (Sus), Sweden. Professionally Leo is passionate about three things: ultrasound, education, and excellent patient care. His interest in ultrasound began at the very start of his medical studies during which he undertook extracurricular evening courses in echocardiography and during the summer holidays worked at the Karolinska University Hospital ultrasound department.

Many of his career choices have revolved around ultrasound. During his medical internship at Capio S:t Görans hospital (CStG) he, together with a consultant intensivist, created Sweden’s first hospital-wide point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) organisation, “The Ultrasound Academy CStG”. The organisation took a comprehensive approach to ultrasound training, competency assessment, clinical integration, and infrastructural challenges facing POCUS in the hospital-wide setting.

During the last seven years Leo has helped hospitals in Sweden create similar organisations. When Leo moved to the south of Sweden he started “The POCUS Academy Sus” which further developed the pedagogical approach and competency assessment within POCUS. The approach focuses on, among many other things, a framework for a POCUS-specific tutor course and research on inter-rater reliability and learning curves for image interpretation.

Leo has been appointed chairman for the Swedish Society of Internal Medicine’s working group for POCUS and is Sweden’s representative in the European Federation of Internal Medicine ultrasound working group.

Consultant Internal Medicine and Department Chief Physician, Skånes University Hospital (Sus)
Ultrasound Director for POCUS and founder of the POCUS Academy Sus
Co-founder of The Ultrasound Academy Capio S:t Görans hospital, Stockholm
Chairman Swedish Society of Internal Medicines Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS)
working group
Swedish Society of Internal Medicine representative in European Federation of Internal Medicine ultrasound working group
Affiliated Medical Case Center, Karolinska Institute Stockholm, research in competency assessment in POCUS.
Instructor Acute Medical Emergencies (MedicALS) – Advanced Life Support Group